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Are Pesticides safe after they dry?

The pesticides we use at LessPest are safe to us and our pets after they dry. Permethrin is the common ingredient that is used in our treatments by us at LessPest. Permethrin is one of a large class known as pyrethroids that are derived from plants.

Termite Inspection, Tallai

High Pressure Gold Coast Today we were on a Termite Inspection in Tallai, Gold Coast. We started working around the outside and immediately realised the termite pressure was exceptionally high. Termite Damage to Pergola Termite Damage There were timbers abutting into...

Does pest control sprays stain the floor?

The spray that we use at LessPest is designed to not leave a stain when mixed at the correct rate and applied to the Australian Standards. At LestPest we treat the internal perimeter to the point of run off, this is where pests enter the home and forage as they feel...
Do termites eat hardwood?

Do termites eat hardwood?

Yes. Termites can eat hardwood. There is a misguided belief out there that termites don’t like or won’t eat hardwood. As a Timber Pest Inspector, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. I regularly see the damage caused by termites when...
Is a building and pest inspection needed?

Is a building and pest inspection needed?

It is not mandatory but highly recommended, especially if you are purchasing a home from the auction. By having a building and pest inspection it gives you the buyer an opportunity to see how sounds the structure is and whether you can afford any going maintenance....

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