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Bedbug Control

We provide a full range of bedbug treatment services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.

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Bedbug Pest Control Application

Steam treatment, liquid Spray treatment, physical cups applied to bottom of bed legs, mattress and
pillowcase protectors.

Pest Management around your home is a team effort. Here at LessPest we aim for you and your family to have Less Pest’s through More Control.

We use high quality products that are environmentally friendly towards your family and pets.

We do not over book our technicians on the day, so time can be taken to listen to your pest concerns. The technician then has time to detect where pests maybe habouraging and apply the best application and pest management plan for your home.

Bedbug Pest Control Health

Bedbugs are blood-sucking pests that can become an infestation very quickly.
Bedbugs live in dark places and mainly congregate around the edges of mattresses. However they can move to other areas around your home including carpets, curtains, travel luggage and all types of furniture & floor rugs.


Bedbug Pest Control Prevention Tips

Just remember bedbugs think your home is just as cozy as you do. When thinking of keeping bedbugs away, think  a minimalistic approach to your home.

• Frequently check the seam of your mattress for bedbugs or brown staining,
• Vacuum your mattress from time to time,
• If possible rotate your mattress for airing,
• On a sunny day hang pillows on the cloths line,
• If you have recently travelled overseas, interstate or up to the road for just one night; check your bags thoroughly in the garage; before bringing them into the home,
• Don’t try to DIY THIS PEST! Bedbugs are hardy buggers (pardon the pun) and will rapidly turn into an infestation which becomes costly and unpleasant for your health. Call a professional ASAP.

If You've Got Unwanted Bedbugs, Call LessPest Today!

If you have bedbugs that need to be dealt with quickly call a professional before your infestation becomes costly.

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