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As we reach the pinnacle of the winter months, you may think that your rodent problem is sure to come to an end. Unfortunately for your family’s home, the opposite is in fact the truth. 

Why? you ask.

Unlike other animals and pests, during the cooler weather, our furry friends will be actively searching for warmth, food and comfort away from the harsh temperatures that winter can bring. 

Rodents will busy themselves in search of a warm and cozy home to gnaw at and reproduce in the months to come. This can result in tremendous damage to your walls, wiring, piping, clothing, and even food and storage containers.

Does this sound like something you want to avoid? 

Are you unsure of how to quickly deal with your rodent problem? 

Read on to discover LessPest More Control and their solution to your rodent infestation.


 Let’s start off with a few identifying factors of rodents in the home…

To know how to handle the issue, you first need to know what you’re up against. We have included a few fun facts about rodents for you to enjoy throughout this article to help you better understand just what you’ll be dealing with when rodents enter your house. 


What Are Rodents?

FUN FACT: A rodent’s teeth will never stop growing! This is the reason they love to chew and gnaw at everything. They need to keep their teeth trimmed, hence why they can cause so much damage to housing. 


By definition, rodents typically include rats, mice and any mammal that possesses continually growing strong incisor teeth. The typical Australian home will mostly be bothered by rats and mice. There are two main kinds of rats in Australia to watch out for:

  • The black rat: Around 24cm long and possesses large ears and a slimmer body. It is mainly attracted to the fruit. Keep your fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawer of your fridge to ensure your unwanted house guests aren’t helping themselves to your supply.
  • The brown rat: Bigger than its relative; it grows up to 40cm with a plump body and small ears. Brown rats are omnivores, it is best to keep your grains and pet foods in tightly sealed containers and up off the floor, as these are their favourite treats. 

FUN FACT: Rats can cause incredible amounts of destruction. Their teeth are strong enough to gnaw through brick, concrete and even lead pipes! 


Aside from rats, your beautiful Australian home will also attract house mice. Mice prefer to live amongst old storage materials or cluttered household spaces. If mice enter your house, they will rapidly multiply if not dealt with quickly, with incredibly fast reproductive systems and an average litter size of 11 babies, it can prove to be quite difficult to get rid of them.


FUN FACT: Female mice can reproduce from 6 weeks old! They are known to have up to 15 litters in the space of a year and it only takes 24 hours since the birth of a litter for the mouse to become fertile again.


How Rodents Can Damage Your Home: 

Small furry creatures who love cheese may seem cute when you’re reading about them. They’re exactly like the adorable cartoon Jerry, right?


Remember how Jerry lived in a hole in the wall? 

Rodents can do a great deal of damage to your home when left unchecked. They will gnaw at walls and insulation, and create entryways for dozens of other rodents to come through. Rodents are easily able to chew through electric cables introducing the risk of house fires. They will chew through containers and cupboards to get at your food which causes contamination. Both rats and mice carry bacteria and germs which spread across everything they touch. If that’s not enough, rodents will leave droppings and urine everywhere, which is not only unhygienic, but can also produce a terribly unpleasant smell. 


FUN FACT: Rats and mice carry an array of diseases, at least 35 of these can be spread to humans! These can be distributed through droppings, urine, rodent bites, saliva and even through ticks and fleas that have fed on the rodent. 


Damaging your house and putting your family members and household pets at risk is in these creatures’ very nature – therefore, the best you can do is figure out a way to be rid of them.

Click here if you’re looking for effective rodent pest prevention tips!


Signs of Rodent Presence:

There are several telltale signs that rodents have infested your home. Below are some of the identifying factors for you to determine whether or not you have a rodent problem.

  • Droppings: Have you seen little chocolate sprinkles littered throughout your cupboards, under furniture or on benches?
    There’s a good chance these are the result of rodents in the home.
    Mouse droppings are small and pointed at both ends. Rat droppings are at least half an inch and can be larger.
  • Urine smell: With such a fast reproductive system, within even a few days, you could have a large number of rodents without realising. With so many rodents in the one area, you could start to detect an off smell that differs from the usual odour of your household pets. 
  • Scampering and gnawing noises: Rodents are very social animals, they enjoy being in large groups and interacting with one another. Keep an ear out for scampering and squeaking sounds that could suggest the presence of rats and mice. 
  • Holes and gnaw marks: Rodents will leave various burrowing holes throughout your home. These can be as small as a pencil or as big enough to fit several of your fingers into. You may also find tears through your clothes and bite marks in your food and storage containers.
  • Pet behaviour: Your pet will be able to sense when a rodent is near. They could begin to growl, hiss or paw at certain spaces to indicate rodent presence. 

Are you noticing a shift in your family pet’s behaviour? Do any of these indicators sound familiar to you?
If your answer is yes, call LessPest today to organise a rodent inspection.

Now that we’ve touched on what rodents are, how to detect their presence, and exactly how they can damage your home, it’s time to move on to the best bit; why you should hire a professional pest control company to remove them once and for all from your home. 

Introducing… LessPest More Control!

LessPest is a professional Australian pest control company dedicated to ridding your home of rodents safely. Below are some of the amazing benefits of hiring them for your pest inspection:

  • Keep your family safe: As we touched on in some of our fun facts above, rodents are carriers of a large amount of harmful illnesses and diseases which can make you and your family sick. You run the risk of putting your loved ones at risk by trying to deal with the problem yourself.
  • Time efficient: The job LessPest can do in an hour, may honestly take you a day, or even several days. Chances are you’ll also miss one; and as we’ve seen above, the rodents will return all too soon and continue damaging your family home.
  • Cost Effective: Save the money you will need for expensive pesticides and just spend a fraction of it to hire the pros in the field. Everyone’s happy!
  • Peace of mind: Professionals will leave you feeling reassured of your house becoming clean and rodent-free in minutes. 

LessPest is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 1 pm. Have any further questions? Send an email at [email protected] or call 0497 006 400 to get in touch today!

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