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Pantry Moth Molendinar

Pantry Moths are one of the most frustrating and time consuming pests to get rid of as a home owner.We were called out to this home in Molendinar as simple home remedies had not defeated the pantry Moth cycle.To rid your home of pantry Moth, it needs to be a concerted effort between homeowner and Pest Management Technician.This homeowner was devistated that the moths just kept coming, no matter what she threw out of the pantry, which is when she seeked the professional help of LessPest More Control.Ryan was able to come in and explain the cycle of pantry Moth and how they lay their eggs in tiny crevices that DYI products can’t get to.Ryan treated the areas with professional grade pest control product which is safe for humans & pets.Forward a few weeks later and we have one very happy and relieved customer.The minute you see Pantry Moths call in a professional, call in LessPest More Control before the pantry Moths get out of control!

Molendinar QLD 4214, Australia
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