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Eagleby Termite Treatment Retirement Home

This job was at a retirement home in Eagleby, between Brisbane & Gold Coast, just off the M1 Motorway.The initial job call-in from our property manager client was suspected termite leads going up the Bowls Club wall. The first action was to book the customer in asap, to inspect what they had noticed. From there the timber pest inspector was able to confirm that it was termite mud leads and suggested a termite inspection take place to establish the extent of termite breaching.Once the termite inspection had taken place, Ryan from LessPest More Control was able to discuss with the site manager the next steps that were required. This involved the immediate step of termite treatment to achieve termite colony elimination. An internal termite baiting measure was implemented with a 2 week follow-up check booked in.Whilst on site the Timber Pest Inspector also measured for a termite preventative system and a proposal was issued for consideration by the body corporate for best solution against termite attack in the future.2 week follow-up check: On coming back for the 2 week follow-up check the termites had devoured the bait and fresh bait was applied. From here another 2 week check has been booked in and once colony elimination has been achieved the solution will be to install the termite preventive measure commonly known as a barrier or termite barrier.This job took place mid January 2021 by Ryan from LessPest More Control. The outcome of the job is to achieve termite colony elimination from the bowls club in this Eagleby retirement home. Once colony elimination has been achieved, the solution which has been accepted by body corporate, is to install a termite preventive measure around the structure and for LessPest More Control to regularly monitor the preventive system and also carry out yearly termite checks to assure the structure is safe from termite attack going forward.

Eagleby QLD 4207, Australia
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