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Termite Inspection or Termite Check

Termite Inspection in subfloor Gold Coast Is a Termite Check the same as a Termite Inspection? The short answer is NO. They differ greatly. You may have heard of a Termite Check (sometimes known as a Health Check) and a Termite Inspection. You may have thought they...

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Essential Businesses Gold Coast

Life as we know it: Essential businesses on the Gold Coast have become relevant because of Covid19. This has had a major disruption to life as we know it and as a result changed the way we live, we are having to rethink how we go about our daily lives, work and...

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Inspections. Not Just for Termites!

Inspections are key and this is why. It was a routine inspection in Elanora, Gold Coast. The client was concerned about possible termite activity in her fence and tree. Though this was a priority for my customer, I needed to stick to how a routine termite inspection...

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Do termites make a noise?

Yes. Termites do make a noise and it sounds like clicking or some say light rain. This sound is the way termites communicate with each other and letting the colony know of impending threats or disturbances. Termites make this sound by what we call headbanging; where...

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