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Rodent Control

We provide a full range of rodent treatment services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.

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Rodent Treatment

Rodent Pest Control Application

We use Lockable Rodent Boxes keeping children and pets safe 24/7. Lockable boxes are placed around suspected rodent traffic areas such as roof voids. In the majority of cases the rodents feed on the bait within the lockable boxes and exit the house in search of water, never to return.

Pest Management around your home is a team effort. Here at LessPest we aim for you and your family to have Less Pest’s through More Control.

We use high-quality products that are environmentally friendly towards your family and pets.

We do not overbook our technicians on the day, so time can be taken to listen to your pest concerns. The technician then has time to detect where pests may be harbouring and apply the best application and pest management plan for your home.

Rodent Pest Control Health

Rodents often nest in roof and wall cavities. They gnaw hard objects such as timber, water pipes & electrical wires because their teeth are continuously growing and need filing down.

Rodents are fast breeders, spreading disease rapidly. You do not want these critters nesting alongside you.



Rodent Pest Control Prevention Tips

Just remember rodents think your home is just as cozy as you do. When thinking of keeping rodents away, think a minimalistic approach to your home and yard.

• Avoid too many stored items in boxes around your home
• frequently clear out your pantry
• try to see more of your home’s floor, not less
• Keep your pantry orderly
• Keep bench tops clear of crumbs, food scraps and used dinner crockery
• Keep pet food in sealed containers
• do not leave dried biscuits in pet bowls. Clean out after your pet has finished a meal.


If You've Got Unwanted Rodents, Call LessPest Today!

If you have rodents that need to be dealt with quickly call LessPest before they destroy more appliances.

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