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In our previous article, we learnt about our tiny, silent enemy, the termite. For those of you who haven’t gotten around to reading that one yet, let’s recap.


How To Recognise Termites:

Termites enjoy moist, dark areas and thrive in the warmer climates. Unfortunately for us here in Queensland, that means we are unintentionally drawing them in with our beautiful weather and humid climate. There are a list of identifying factors to look out for to recognise termite presence in your home and environment. 


Have you noticed…


Piles of discarded insect wings on window sills or door frames? 


Bubbling on your skirting boards? 


Unexplained rattling or clicking noises coming from your walls? 


Or hollow-sounding structures in your Gold Coast property?


If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions we strongly recommend calling in a professional to check your home for termites. Each of these are strong indicators of termite presence.



What Makes Termites Dangerous To Your Home And How LessPest Can Help!

Termites are one of the leading causes of damage to Australian homes, they gnaw through the very foundations of your home before you can detect their presence – Hence being known as the “silent destroyer”. Contrary to popular belief, termites feed on more than just the wooden structures of a home. So if you’re sitting there thinking that your home will be safe because there’s no wood for the termite to eat; I hate to break it to you, but you’re just as much at risk as everyone else on the Gold Coast.  


LessPest More Control are a professional pest control company dedicated to preventing irreparable damage to your home and ridding your home of unwanted guests. 


Today we will be looking more in-depth to the prevention and extermination of termites in your Gold Coast home. Now that we have recapped on what termites are and the magnitude of damage they can cause to your property, let’s look into why it is recommended to use a professional pest control company to remove and prevent termites.


Why you should hire a professional:

Termites are crafty creatures with a knack for hiding out undetected. They are also known for leaving pheromones on plentiful food sources to alert other members of the colony on where to go. If a termite feels threatened, they will alert the colony of the danger allowing them the advantage of being able to hide and return to their nest undetected.

Termites are very timid with human contact and retreat quickly back to the nest if disturbed; making the extermination process far more difficult and leaving your now pheromone-coated house a road map for other termites to reinfestation. 


LessPest are a professional Australian pest control company dedicated to preventing infestations and ridding your home of termites safely. Below are some of the amazing benefits of hiring LessPest for your termite inspection:

  • Quality detection tools:  Termites are clever little builders that excel in remaining undetected in your home. With LessPests’ use of quality detection tools, such as a Termatrac device, moisture meters, tappers and head torches, they can efficiently and effectively detect the presence of termites without alerting or disturbing them!
  • Peace of mind: Having professionals take care of the job will leave you feeling reassured of your house has been eradicated from termites for now! A preventive measure around your home is definitely highly recommended.
  • Multiple treatment types available: If you suspect termite damage in your home, ensure you don’t disturb the affected area! Always call a professional, as you risk alerting the termites and having them flee before you can arrange to have them exterminated. At LessPest there are a range of treatments available to suit every need; these include dusting, foaming, baiting.


  • Prevention Plans: LessPest also specialise in the prevention of termites in your home. They provide options for prevention so you can rest assured that your home will be protected from termite damage.
    1. Chemical Treated Zone: Through the use of Termidor and Termidor HE systems, LessPest can assure you’ll be able to prevent termite activity in your home. This System is active for up to 8 years around your home.
  • Bait and Monitor System: LessPest use Exterra to bait and monitor termites; This is the number one product on the market of its kind! This system needs to be checked every two months by your licensed technician.
  • Effective Treatment:  LessPest are certified professionals in the use of termite products and are highly trained in the removal and prevention of termites in your home. LessPest understands termites and how they behave which helps in ensuring a time-efficient and effective removal. As homeowners, you won’t have access to the extensive tools and products needed to proficiently remove termite infestations. There is always a chance you may miss an area if you choose to use DIY treatment; and as we’ve seen above, the termites will return all too soon to the pheromone coated timber and continue to wreak havoc to your family home. Leave it to the trained and licensed professionals to ensure the job is done right the first time! 


How LessPest Can Help:

The main danger of termite infestations is that they can easily go undetected for long periods of time, creating financial damage, potentially resulting in structural damage to the point where part of your home may even collapse; putting your loved ones at risk.

For the most effective prevention, it is recommended to be diligent with your yearly termite inspections. It is ideal to choose an insured and qualified timber pest inspector with the right detection equipment and years of experience. 

At LessPest, they believe that prevention is more beneficial than a cure, they have many years’ experience in the field to ensure best practises are used and to guarantee the most optimal results possible for you, your family and your Gold Coast home. The team understands that your home is important to you and your loved ones, therefore they understand the greater need to ensure that the termites are removed the right way, the first time. LessPest can help you and your family by making sure the termites are not disturbed using ineffective DIY methods, they use quality tools to tap timbers in line with the Australian Standards in order to inspect for hollowness, indicative of termite presence. LessPest know the importance of removing the damaged and pheromone coated timbers to give you confidence that the colony (or any others for that matter) will not return. 


Worried about the process or costs? 


Stress no more! 


LessPest are upfront and open with the procedures you’ll need to undertake to rid your home of these unwanted pests including the cost! Book an inspection with LessPest and they will come out ASAP to assess the situation, advise you of the next steps in the termite removal process, let you know what action needs to be taken and best of all LessPest will be upfront with you about the costs involved moving forward. 


The LessPest Three-Step Termite Action Plan:

If you see signs of termite activity in your home…

The First Step: is to book a Visual Termite Inspection in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS 3660.2-2017).

  • Our Licensed Timber Pest Inspector will tap the skirting boards to detect termite damage.
  • Inspection includes internal/external of the home, subfloor and roof void (if physically accessible).
  • We use a professional Digital Reporting System with images; sent to you within 24 hours of inspection.
  • A Moisture meter and Termatrac device is used on the inspection. 
  • LessPest provide a free, no obligation proposal for termite control (Chemical or Bait & Monitor System) around your home; this will be issued along with your Visual Termite Report. This is the ultimate in Termite Control for all homes on the Gold Coast and highly recommended for best results and financial peace of mind.


This could potentially be the only step you need if no termite activity is detected. If, however, there is suspicion of termite activity; Let’s move onto the second step.


The Second Step: An invasive inspection is done when there is a high probability of termite activity and confirmation is needed. If high moisture is detected with the moisture meter; a Termatrac Device is then used to detect termite movement. Termites move differently than ants, therefore making them easily identifiable.


  • If termite movement is detected; a borescope can then be used via an incision the size of a screwdriver that is made into the wall. A Borescope is a tiny camera that is able to see inside the wall cavity. If Termite activity is detected, we can then move to the third step.

The Third Step: is a foaming or baiting treatment depending on what you have discussed with the Timber Pest Inspector, as the best course of action to eradicate termites from your home. 

It is of the utmost importance that you DO NOT TOUCH AFFECTED AREAS, REMOVE GYPROCK, OR SPRAY FLY SPRAY. Reason being; this will do nothing besides make the termites retreat and locate elsewhere, thus making it harder for the inspector to treat the termites and probable nest. Please remember there is no tearing hurry to kill them as they would have been silently eating timbers for a period of time. Leave it to the professionals.


Now that we’ve gone through the LessPest action plan and we understand the importance of hiring a professional; here’s how to best contact the LessPest team:


LessPest is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 1 pm.


Have any further questions? Send an email at [email protected] or call 0497 006 400 to get in touch today!


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