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We provide a full range of termite services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure, but when you need us, we’re right here.

Termite Inspections

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or keep your home regularly checked, a Termite Inspection is highly recommended, especially in a high hazard zone like Queensland, where 1 in 3 homes are affected.

Termite damage can structurally run into thousands of dollars very quickly for the home owner. Early detection can prevent unnecessary heartache, stress and financial strain.

Here at LessPest we believe prevention is better than cure.

You should have your property inspected at least once a year, subject to conducive conditions around your dwelling.

LessPest is fully licensed & insured.

LessPest provides a comprehensive written report to the Australian Standards and is sent to you within 24 hours.

Termite Inspections:  from $190 GST inc.

If you have a Termite issue or need a yearly inspection, don’t delay. Call LessPest.

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections


A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection is only a small investment, which can save you from potentially losing thousands of dollars and at worst case; from buying a lemon!

We live in a high hazard area with 1 in every 3 homes having previously being affected by termite damage. We advise that you don’t listen to others and make sure you get a Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection done. Early detection can prevent unnecessary heartache, stress and financial strain on you and your family.

Our technician has a number of years experience in the field and can provide a thorough Timber Pest Inspection. We use quality detection tools such as a Termatrac, moisture meter, tapper and head torch on the job. The Timber Pest Inspection also includes checking in roof voids and under sub floors, if access is available.

You’d be amazed at what we see on the job! Unfortunately some home owners hide or remove evidence for a quick sale. We work for you, as the buyer and have your best interests at heart. Therefore you are welcome to come along on the day.

We know you are waiting on tenterhooks for this to be the home of your dreams! Therefore your report, written to the Australian Standard, is sent out within 24hrs. After you receive your Timber Pest Report, we will follow up with a phone call to discuss the information provided.

We highly recommend that two sets of eyes are better on the job than one. That is why LessPest prides itself on maintaining quality relationships with trusted building Inspectors on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads, that we can put you in touch with. We work side by side within our own specialist field, to provide you with the best outcome possible.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: from $220 GST inc.

Termite Treatments

If you suspect or know you have termites in the home, do not disturb the affected area! Call LessPest immediately.

Types of treatment – Dusting, foaming, baiting, chemical & physical barriers.

*Termite inspection is mandatory before treatment can commence to assess the extent of termite infestation and meet the Australian Standard.

LessPest recommends after successful treatment, that all damaged timbers be replaced to meet the Australian Standard.

*Did you know that termites release a pheromone when they have found a good food supply (house timbers). When you have a successful eradication treatment done, it’s only part of the process complete. If you do not remove the damaged timbers with pheromones on them, it is a signal for other termites to invade; Like a map to a good coffee shop!

If you have a Termite issue or need a yearly inspection, don’t delay. Call LessPest.

Termite Protection

Every home is constructed differently and that is why LessPest offers three termite protection systems. We use the best quality and scientifically proven products on the market today.

Chemical Zone – Termidor

Baiting & Monitoring Stations – Exterra

Reticulation Systems – Termidor

Physical Barrier – TERM-seal

Termidor & Termidor HE

*Termite inspection is mandatory before a preventive system can be installed.

Call us to arrange an onsite, no-obligation free quote.

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