What do building and pest inspectors look for in a pre-purchase building and pest inspection?

Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspection

Building and Pest are two separate inspections where each inspector is licensed in their own field to look at relevant issues. Commonly they both start on the whole external fence line then move to check around the external face of the building where termite inspectors check for termite entry points

. They then move to the internal of the structure, going through the property room by room checking walls, floors, boards, ceilings, leaks, plumbing, fixtures, fittings and roof void and sub floor if there is one. The termite inspector will tap every bit of timber with a sounding device, checking for soft or hollow timber & movement on the wall, if any of these signs come up an invasive inspection will be recommended. Inspectors also investigate the roof space for insulation, framing & brackets.