Flea Treatment

We provide a full range of flea treatment services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.

Flea Pest Control Application.

Fleas require liquid mist in 2 cycles, 2 weeks apart. This is because the liquid mist cannot penetrate the eggs. Flea eggs hatch due to the vibration of pets and family moving around the home.

For maximum effect we recommend before we come to vacuum and mop floor areas; clean the lounge, pet beds and linen. On the day of treatment, we highly recommend either taking your pet to the groomers for a flea bath treatment or washing your pet yourself as pets are not allowed on the treated area until all liquid is dry.

Mornings following the treatments, the house should be walked around with heavy steps to encourage the fleas in eggs to hatch and come into contact with the treatment. If the flea eggs do not feel vibrations, they can lay dormant for up to 12 months.

Pest Management around your home is a team effort. Here at LessPest we aim for you and your family to have Less Pest’s through More Control. We use high quality products that are environmentally friendly towards your family and pets.

We do not over book our technicians on the day, so time can be taken to listen to your pest concerns. The technician then has time to detect where pests maybe harbouring and apply the best application and pest management plan for your home.

Flea Pest Control Health

Fleas are blood-sucking pests that can become an infestation very quickly. It is imperative to treat your yard, pets & home on the same day; for treatment to have optimal effect and value.

Flea Pest Control Prevention Tips

Just remember fleas like it anywhere you or your pets reside.

  • Regularly bath your pets.
  • Frequently wash your pets bedding or purchase new.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Make sure your pets flea guard treatment is up to date.
  • Try to keep sandy areas in your yard to a minimum.
  • Fleas love to live and lay eggs in sandpits and sandy area.



Please note:
1. We advise leaving the home for 3-4 hours or booking service when children are in daycare or at school.
2. All pets and children must be kept away from wet areas until dry.
3. Children, pregnant women, asthmatics and anyone with a compromised immune system, should not re-enter until the treatment is completely dry.
4. Pest Control to be booked when no other service providers are onsite such as: house cleaner, painter, carpet cleaner etc

We love to kill your pests!

We love our customers but we love to kill your pests even more!
Our products are safe for children, pets, your home and the environment. 
We love our home and our furbaby and what’s good enough for ours is good enough for yours.

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