Silverfish Treatment

We provide a full range of silverfish treatment services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.

Silverfish Pest Control Application

We use internal liquid spray and dusting application to roof voids and wall cavities in severe cases.

Silverish often feed on books, leather, coffee, carpet, sugar, paper, photos, cosmetics and starches that are found around our homes. Silverfish are attracted by damp areas and clothing. Silverfish are found throughout most of a home but thrive in kitchens, garages, roof voids, wall cavities, basements, wardrobes and inside boxed containers.

They are nocturnal animals and rarely travel during the daytime. They also move in a fast running, quick manner, making them hard for homeowners to spot. Silverfish reproduction is slow the female can lay no more than 60 eggs at once, and on average lays 100 eggs per lifetime.

Due to their inability to climb smooth surfaces they are often located in baths and basins due to them being trapped. Silverfish are often introduced to our homes by purchasing paper towels, toilet paper and similar products or purchasing second hand furniture and cloths.

What they lack in reproductive efficiency, they make up in longevity. Silverfish can live for up to 4 years and can survive for several weeks without water, and for a whole year without food. They also feed on dead or injured insects.

Pest Management around your home is a team effort. Here at LessPest we aim for you and your family to have Less Pest’s through More Control.
We use high-quality products that are environmentally friendly towards your family and pets.We do not overbook our technicians on the day, so time can be taken to listen to your pest concerns. The technician then has time to detect where pests maybe harbouring and apply the best application and pest management plan for your home.

Silverfish Pest Control Warranty
Silverfish General Pest Control Warranty (12 months warranty)
Silverfish Pest Control Health

Although Silverfish are not harmful to humans & do not carry disease, they can do large amounts of damage to clothing, curtains, carpet and paperwork. Protect your treasured memories, documents, and fashion wardrobe today. To maximise the effectiveness of treatment, we recommend customers remove stored items such as linen from cupboards, open boxes where stored paperwork might have ​been sitting and wardrobe areas are cleared.

Silverfish Pest Control Prevention Tips

Just remember silverfish think your home is just as cosy as you do. When thinking of keeping silverfish away, think a minimalistic approach to your home.

  • Avoid too many stored items in boxes around your home
  • Avoid using boxes which silverfish love to consume
  • Try using storage containers with lids
  • Clear out your wardrobes often
  • Try to see more not less of your home’s floor
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Dust frequently
  • Clean out your attic and garage of stored items
  • Try not to hoard piles of paper.
  • If you need to hold onto documents, we recommend sealing them in air tight bags, then placing into sealable plastic containers.
  • Keep bench tops clear of crumbs,food scraps and used dinner crockery.



Please note:
1. We advise leaving the home for 3-4 hours or booking service when children are in daycare or at school.
2. All pets and children must be kept away from wet areas until dry.
3. Children, pregnant women, asthmatics and anyone with a compromised immune system, should not re-enter until the treatment is completely dry.
4. Pest Control to be booked when no other service providers are onsite such as: house cleaner, painter, carpet cleaner etc

We love to kill your pests!

We love our customers but we love to kill your pests even more!
Our products are safe for children, pets, your home and the environment. 
We love our home and our furbaby and what’s good enough for ours is good enough for yours.

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