Termite Preventive Renewal Gold Coast

Termite Preventive Renewal

Termite Preventive Renewal Gold Coast

What are Termite Products

Termite Preventive Renewal is for a Termite System that has already been installed around your home or property either by you or a previous homeowner. These Termite Preventive systems are often either termite monitoring bait stations (traps) or a chemical treated zone which in concreted areas have plug holes or mortar holes roughly 200m apart close to the walls. Termite preventive system installs need maintenance to stay “Active” against termite activity.

Simply put if they aren’t renewed (maintained) then they are inactive and rendered useless or less effective, which is a shame as you could have the best prevention available already installed just sitting idle and not working for and keeping your asset safe like it could be.

If you have a Chemical Treated Zone or Bait & Monitor System around your home already then it is highly recommended to simply RENEW your system for the best level of protection to safe guard against termite attack and possible financial heartache.
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Bait & Monitor Renewal

So, your house has termite monitoring stations? These stations are normally put in at 3- meter intervals around your home, as per the Australian Standard. One of the main things you  need to work out is what type of stations do you have? Whether you have an Exterra Monitoring System which is Timber in Ground or a Trelona Monitoring System which is Bait In Ground you need to know if it’s in date and
how long until expiry.

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Timber Inground Stations

The importance of maintaining these Exterra stations is that the timber decays out to the point that termites are no longer interested, therefore it is normal to have a yearly site renewal fee to replace all timbers making sure the lids are flat to the station because if the lid is loose the termites will not enter these stations. The clips may also have to be replaced and focus added to keep the site system at optimum performance.

Another thing that is very important when monitoring these stations throughout the year, is making sure that ants do not set up shop inside the stations. This is because no termite will enter a station full of ants (they are sworn enemies!) If this is the case ant granules are added to steralise the ants to get them out of the stations for optimum performance.

Trelona ATBS

Bait Inground Stations (commonly known as; always active)

As for bait monitoring stations the maintenance on these are further apart which can be a huge bonus for a lot of home owners and landlords, as it takes significantly less termiticide to kill the termites off. The reason the Trelona ATBS stations can be checked further out at every 3 to 6 months depending on your home design, is because the bait cartridges are already in the stations ready to go the minute termites enter and start digesting the bait.

Chemical Renewal

The chemicals to stop termites have a life expectancy as per the label. Some chemicals are 3 years; top quality chemicals are 8 years. Some chemicals are repellents; high quality chemicals are non-repellents. The treated zone binds with the soil and that is what gives you longevity from these treatments. We use Termidor & Termidor HE, only the best at a fair price .

Reticulation Hose

Bait Inground Stations (commonly known as; always active)

Reticulation Renewals or what’s commonly called a retic top-up is durable pipe that runs under the ground and should be topped up every 3-5 years or as per the label. A Reticulation System is pipe that runs against the footing and has a connection point for easy chemical refill.

If you can’t read the sticker, looks like it’s been peeled off or you’re just not sure, we would highly recommend you contact Less Pest More Control and we will send a Qualified Timber Pest Inspector out for a free on-site assessment and quotation.

Termidor HE

Termidor HE

The advanced technology in Termidor HE gives your Accredited Termidor Applicator more scope to provide a superior treatment without cutting corners or disturbing the structure and damaging the aesthetics of your home.

The increased movement of Termidor HE through the soil means there is much less likely to be any need to drill through tiles, and that treatment won’t be compromised by obstacles like underground pipes.

How do I know If My Home Needs A Renewal?

On purchasing your home, documentation should have been provided if there was already an up-to-date-install. You can first check the meter box or under your kitchen sink, as Termite Companies leave durable notice stickers as per the Australian Standard. On this sticker there should be an expiry date and chemical used.


Prevention is always better than cure. A Chemical Renewal, Bait & Monitor Renewal or a Reticulation Renewal; is one of the cheapest forms of termite prevention you can do to protect your biggest investment. It is an asset to you, that you already have a Preventive Measure installed (as that’s A LOT more cost than a renewal) and it’s an even greater win for re-sale value when the time comes!

Yes. We Are Certified

Yes, we are Certified Installers of Termidor and Trelona ATBS. 

Always make sure your Termite Provider is qualified, licensed, QBCC licensed, Insured, Certified and that your Visual Termite Inspection Report is to the Australian Standard AS3660-2

Termidor HE - Accredited Applicator
Trelona ATBS - Certified Installer

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Renewing a Termite Preventive Measure around your home is the best insurance to reduce termite attack. Put that call to action on the Termite Preventive Renewal page. The Russian Roulette Call to action on the Reticulation Page.
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