Spider Treatment

We provide a full range of spider treatment services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.

Spiders Pest Control Application

We use internal and external liquid treatment and dust roof voids if needed. Although spiders are known to be natural pest control agents, having a lot of them can put you and your family at risk, depending on the type of species that are present.

High spider presence might also indicate that you have another pest living in your home. Spiders usually go in homes only because there is prey, they can feed upon however environmental conditions can also be a factor.

Homes with heavy foliage, stored items externally or close to bushlands are more susceptible to having higher spider volumes. Pest Management around your home is a team effort. Here at LessPest we aim for you and your family to have Less Pest’s through More Control.

We use high quality products that are environmentally friendly towards your family and pets. We do not over book our technicians on the day, so time can be taken to listen to your pest concerns. The technician then has time to detect where pests maybe harbouring and apply the best application and pest management plan for your home.

Spider Pest Control Warranty
Spider General Pest Control Warranty (3 months warranty internally)
Spider Pest Control Health

No one likes spiders around their home, let alone walking into their webs unexpectedly! Whether poisonous or not spiders can often cause alarm to homeowners and especially parents. Spiders such as the Red Back, White-tail and Funnel web are prominent in NSW and QLD. Some spiders love to nest in hidey-holes such as kid’s toys and play equipment outside. If you’ve been bitten call the poisons information Centre on 13 11 26 or dial 000 for an emergency.

Spider Pest Control Prevention Tips

Just remember spiders think your home is just as cosy as you do. When thinking of keeping spiders away, think a minimalistic approach to your home and yard.

  • Avoid too many stored items in boxes around your home.
  • Regularly clear out your bedrooms.
  • Try to see more not less, of your home’s floor.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Clean out wardrobes and chest of draws often​.
  • Keep outdoor furniture and kids play equipment regularly washed and brushed down.
  • Keep piles of materials stored outside to a minimum.



Please note:
1. We advise leaving the home for 3-4 hours or booking service when children are in daycare or at school.
2. All pets and children must be kept away from wet areas until dry.
3. Children, pregnant women, asthmatics and anyone with a compromised immune system, should not re-enter until the treatment is completely dry.
4. Pest Control to be booked when no other service providers are onsite such as: house cleaner, painter, carpet cleaner etc

We love to kill your pests!

We love our customers but we love to kill your pests even more!
Our products are safe for children, pets, your home and the environment. 
We love our home and our furbaby and what’s good enough for ours is good enough for yours.

Less Pest More Control Gold Coast Team

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