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Termite Barriers

Termite Barriers are a necessary Preventive Measure when living in Queensland. It is one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can have for your home in providing security for your family against termite attack.

Termite Barriers, Termite Barriers, LessPest | Gold Coast & Tweed Termite & Pest Control Service
Chemical Install and Bait & Monitor System around home.

What are Termite Barriers?

Termite Barriers (Preventive Measure) are a form of install that goes around the perimeter of your home to heavily reduce the chance of termites breaching unseen into your greatest asset, your home. You can have a partial or full install and your Certified Timber Pest Inspector will provide you with a full quote broken down into options for your consideration.

The two main options for a barrier around your home are:

  • Chemical Treated Zone
  • Bait & Monitor System

Can I combine the Chemical & Bait & Monitor Systems?

The unique advantage of Trelona ATBS is that it can be used in combination with Termidor Residual termiticide and insecticide and Termidor HE high-efficiency termiticide.

Termidor has been the most trusted name in termite control since 2002 and has been the benchmark for termiticides in the Australian market. This trusted technology can now be combined with the most advanced baiting system possible.

Due to termite risk or construction design, a combined treatment may provide the most adequate and thorough protection for your home. Where required or in instances where additional “piece of mind” is desired, your pest management professional may design a treatment plan combining the power of these two trusted technologies.

One of our qualified and certified Termite Inspectors will provide a free on-site quote to determine what remedial steps may be required and the most appropriate installation and management plan for your home and circumstances for you to consider. Here at LessPest More Control we are all about education and will take the time to explain all the options and steps available to you, so you can make an informed decision for your family and home going into the future.

Do I need a Termite Barrier?

Yes! Here in Queensland and on our local turf of Logan, Gold Coast & Tweed Coast; 1 in every 3 homes is effected by Termites. The idea of a Termite Barrier is to reduce the financial risk and worse case scenario reduce the structural financial risk that can occur if you leave your home without a preventive measure. It’s like playing Russian Roulette. It’s not a matter of if termites will get in but when.

What Does a Barrier Achieve?

A Barrier achieves not only peace of mind but gives you the best insurance policy against Termite Attack. By having a Termite Barrier your Timber Pest Inspector can easily see if and when Termites breach and treat accordingly.

Types Of Termite Barrier Options?

Chemical: We use Termidor and Termidor HE

Chemical: We use Termidor and Termidor HE

Bait & Monitor: We use Trelona ATBS

What Do Termite Barriers Look Like?

Bait & Monitor System – Trelona ATBS

Termite Barriers, Termite Barriers, LessPest | Gold Coast & Tweed Termite & Pest Control Service
Trelona Bait & Monitor Station.

Trelona ATBS

On installation, ATBS stations will be installed around your home, at approximately 3 metre spacing. Your pest management professional will then identify the required inspections period, which may vary from one to six monthly intervals, depending on the level of activity, sites risks and the type of system to be installed (monitoring vs active).

Termite Barriers, Termite Barriers, LessPest | Gold Coast & Tweed Termite & Pest Control Service
Trelona ATBS Certified Installer

Chemical Treated Zone – Termidor or Termidor HE

Termidor or Termidor HE

The advantage of using Termidor is the termites carry it back to the nest and pass it onto other termites as they interact along the way having a devastating effect on the colony. This is called the Termidor Transfer Effect. Please not not all products on the market are a repellent. Make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Termite Barriers, Termite Barriers, LessPest | Gold Coast & Tweed Termite & Pest Control Service
Termidor and Termidor HE Accredited Applicator

Contact The Experts:

Call LessPest More Control to book a free onsite quote. Our qualified, licensed and accredited installers will discuss your Preventive Measure options and answer any questions you may have about your homes protection – 0497 006 400 or inquire via email.

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