End of Lease

We provide End of Lease services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.
End of Lease Pest Service

Moving on to new adventures and need an end of lease certificate of treatment? We can help you. End of Lease pest control is when renter (s) or the renter is responsible for having a pest control carried out at the end of their rental agreement.

This is usually the case when such rule is stipulated in the tenancy agreement. First check your lease agreement and there it should stipulate your requirements for completing your rental agreement requirements for pest control, particularly if you’ve had pets at the property.

If you cannot see clearly what your requirements are in the lease agreement, then we advise you call your property management team for further clarification. Once you know what is required of you for pest control, please call our office and we will be able to book in a time that is convenient for you.We use high quality products that are environmentally friendly towards your family and pets. We will help you pick a time that works in with removalists, bond cleaners and carpet cleaning and issue you with your certificate of treatment on the spot.

End of Lease Pest Control Prevention Tips
  • Get your exit strategy in place.
  • Read your Lease Agreement regarding Pest Control.
  • Still not sure. Then give your property manager a call to clarify.
  • Have you had pets in the home? You may be required to do a little more. Check with your property manager.
  • You will need to organise a removalist, carpet cleaner, bond cleaner as well as pest control,
    Pest control ideally should be done last.


Please note:
1. We advise leaving the home for 3-4 hours or booking service when children are in daycare or at school.
2. All pets and children must be kept away from wet areas until dry.
3. Children, pregnant women, asthmatics and anyone with a compromised immune system, should not re-enter until the treatment is completely dry.
4. Pest Control to be booked when no other service providers are onsite such as: house cleaner, painter, carpet cleaner etc

We love to kill your pests!

We love our customers but we love to kill your pests even more!
Our products are safe for children, pets, your home and the environment. 
We love our home and our furbaby and what’s good enough for ours is good enough for yours.

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