Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspection

Pre-Sale Inspection

Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale Timber Pest Inspection

What is it? and Why its so important?

The importance of a Pre-Sale Inspection – if you think a Pre-Sale Inspection is not worth it, unfortunately, this is not the case. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might be able to skim through the process of a property sale, but most times, you bear the risk of losing a sale if issues with your property arise. These issues generally become evident after a building and/or pest inspection has taken place.

These issues (or conducive conditions) could either be fixed or dealt with extremely easily by you, the seller, prior to a purchaser deciding to buy your home. This could save you a lot of heartache.
A seller wants to sell for the highest possible price and a purchaser wants to buy for the cheapest possible price and somewhere in the middle you need to meet and a Pre-Sale Inspection can help you reach your goal. A Pre-Sale Inspection puts you in the best possible position to sell your home quickly and without fuss.

When a buyer gets a Building & Pest Inspection done, the inspector/s they hire have to report on what they are seeing in and around the home. No matter how minor or major the issue/s, the inspector must report their findings in conjunction with the Australian Standards.

It is known for Contracts of Sale to fall through on many properties for simple things such as, a renewal cost to an existing termite preventative system or a preventive termite management system cost or conducive conditions around the property. The hold-up is in the negotiating of price or fear of too many negative conditions identified on an inspection.

One of the major thing’s pest technicians can pick up on when conducting a Termite inspection (and must report on) is high moisture. Anything that tracks into the Red on the moisture meter must be recommended as an invasive inspection which means gaining access inside walls to see exactly is going on, according to the Australian standard. This waiting time for approval can hold up the sale, give the buyer cold feet and potentially the property owner could lose the sale.

A Timber Pest Report is not always about Termites. It’s about susceptible conditions around the property such as leaking pipes or wood decay. These issues or conducive conditions are simple fixes that can be rectified quickly and give the potential buyer peace of mind before purchasing your property. A Pre-Sale Inspection gives you time to address and correct any issues or concerns that arise before you have a buyer on the line.

Basically, a Pre-Sale Inspection gives you the opportunity to address and fix any issues and clear up conducive conditions around your property; so, when the buyers inspector comes, they will have less to comment on. A Timber Pest Inspection is only what the inspector is visually seeing on the day.
We want the successful sale of your property and new adventure to begin as soon as possible – with no stress! If you’re looking to sell your home ASAP then call us for your Pre-Sale Inspection, we’ll get you sorted.

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A Pre-Sale Inspection puts you in the best possible position to sell your home quickly and without fuss, so call LessPest More Control today!
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