Reticulation Renewal


Reticulation Renewal

Reticulation systems can be installed prior to finish of building or post construction. It can be a great saving of dollars when looking to protect your structure against termites.

Here on the Gold Coast, we have high termite pressure and how a reticulation system helps protect your structure, it sits against termite entry points known as concrete footing. This can be where the concrete slab meets a brick veneer or weatherboard construction style. A high-quality reticulation system can be topped up under high pressure.

So, if you’re thinking of concreting paths around your home and you don’t want drill holes from a chemical barrier, run a reticulation system before you pour concrete. A big benefit of having a reticulation system installed is, when it is time to replenish the system, it is significantly cheaper to renew the chemical protection. You will not be paying labour costs (digging and drilling). The system is recharged through connection points placed roughly 10m apart.

Be aware not all reticulation hose is created equal. You need a strong, thick, durable design to get longevity, no twisting or bending which can stop chemical flow, and will in turn break down the chemical and not give you an even treatment around the premises.

If you have a reticulation system on an average 10-meter length with the average depth of a 300 – 400mm depth of the footing, it will need 10 litres of chemical per metre. In places that are deeper in depth, it may take two or more reticulation lines and additional chemical.

When choosing a chemical there are non-repellents (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and repellents. The difference between these is exactly what’s written. A non-repellent will allow termites to go through the treated zone unaware. A repellent means they will not pass through the treated zone. A repellent doesn’t get as greater even application and can break down fast, allowing termites to breach the treated zone.

Here on the Gold Coast / Tweed Heads / Logan areas we live in, a high humidity climate which means moisture, which termites love! A Reticulation System should be topped up every 5 years or less if label requires.

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Termites Don't Stop! Termites work 24/7

Termites work 24/7 and so will your Reticulation System when installed or renewed. Having a Termite Preventive Measure around your home is the best insurance to reduce termite attack.
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