We provide a full range of pest treatment services to the Gold Coast. Prevention is better than cure. When you need us, we’re right here.

Commercial Control Application.

LessPest More Control proudly supports local businesses on the Gold Coast by providing them with regular Pest Management programs tailored to suit their business and premises layout using the highest quality chemicals and treatments. We work with you by providing all that is needed onsite to meet the local council regulations and spot checks, so you and your business get the tick of approval and can carry on trading with peace of mind. A Folder is supplied to all commercial premises containing all relevant MSDS’s and Risk Management Advice to be easily supplied to the council inspector for inspection. We also work around you and your business trade times ensuring profitability and effortless servicing.

Commercial Pest Control Health

Did you know that you are required to meet council regulations for Pest Treatments? This is usually every 3- or 6-month intervals stipulated by the local Council in your area. It is imperative that your business maintains high standards in Pest Control to ensure your business can keep trading and your customers aren’t at risk. Pests and Rodents can quickly destroy your food staples and spread disease, which can lead to potential food poisoning, bad publicity and shut down by the local council. No one wants this for anyone’s business! So, call in another local small business, LessPest More Control to help keep you and your livelihood thriving. Because we care!

Commercial Pest Control Prevention Tips

Pests and Rodents are attracted to food and warm areas to nest.
  • Clean surfaces daily,
  • Mop floors daily,
  • keep foods and staples in sealed containers,
  • Seal door drafts and holes in walls,
  • Employ a Local Licensed Pest Control Specialist

Please note:
1. We advise leaving the home for 3-4 hours or booking service when children are in daycare or at school.
2. All pets and children must be kept away from wet areas until dry.
3. Children, pregnant women, asthmatics and anyone with a compromised immune system, should not re-enter until the treatment is completely dry.
4. Pest Control to be booked when no other service providers are onsite such as: house cleaner, painter, carpet cleaner etc

We love to kill your pests!

We love our customers but we love to kill your pests even more!
Our products are safe for children, pets, your home and the environment. 
We love our home and our furbaby and what’s good enough for ours is good enough for yours.

Less Pest More Control Gold Coast Team

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