We Were On The News!


It was just a normal day in the office on Tuesday when the work phone rang. What wasn’t normal was…Channel 9News asking LessPest More Control to be a part of a news segment on Ants!

You can imagine the excitement and nervousness that came over Ryan & I all at the same time lol.

Thank goodness for Ben who is a bit more seasoned at talking on TV than Ryan or I. We think he did an amazing job and credit to LessPest More Control. Watch the video and see what you think!

Ants are on the march and invading homes all over the Gold Coast at the moment! In this news segment Ben Sweeting from LessPest More Control is explaining the hazard ants can cause to a home if left untreated, and some tips you as a homeowner can do around the home to reduce their numbers.

Ant Control Tips

Just remember ants think your home is just as cosy as you do. When thinking of keeping ants away, think of a minimalistic approach to your home and yard.

  • Keep sweet treats in airtight containers
  • Keep jars, sauces and cordials refrigerated
  • Do not leave dried biscuits in pet bowls
  • Clean out after your pet has finished a meal
  • Avoid too many stored boxes
  • Clear out your pantry frequently
  • Try to see more not less of your home’s floor
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Clean out your bedrooms and wardrobes often
  • Keep bench tops clear of crumbs, food scraps and used dinner crockery
  • Keep pet food in sealed containers
  • Wash pet bowls regularly to avoid food build-up which is an ant attractant

The LessPest Team!

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