Rats Nesting In Gold Coast Cars

Close up of Wild brown rat in water

Signs rats might be nesting in your car:

  • Droppings in car
  • Husky smell
  • Signs of a nest
  • Feet prints in dust on wheels
  • Electrical faults on dashboard lights
  • Decomposing smell

Rodents normally venture inside through Winter, however covid has presented a new wave of infestation due to people having there cars parked for longer periods of time and cafes & restaurants closing. With the closures the rodents are looking for a new food source as their regular supply has been cut off.

What you can do:

  • Garage your car
  • Close car windows
  • Keep car free of food, drink and debri
  • Check engine bay for signs of a nest
  • Check engine bay for signs of gnaw marks on wiring
  • Check for signs of droppings
  • Mint scent in car as a Rodent deterrent
  • Rodent Control around home and roof void

What to do If my Car has Rodents?

Safety is your number one priority for you, your family and other drivers on the road. Rodents can cause extensive and costly damage to modern cars due to them being fully computerised with more wiring. Rodents will gnaw the rubber, foam padding and wiring to make a nest and also to keep their teeth filed down, as they constantly grow.

With so much electronic wiring throughout your car the last thing you need is to have a fault happening when you’re are driving. If you suspect Rodent activity in your car then book in with a qualified, licensed mechanic ASAP so they can run all the tests and give you the all clear.

Rodent Pest Prevention Tips:

Just remember rodents think your home is just as cozy as you do. When thinking of keeping rodents away, think a minimalistic approach to your home, garage, car and yard.

  • Avoid too many stored items in boxes around your home
  • Frequently clear out your pantry
  • Try to see more of your home’s floor, not less
  • Keep your pantry orderly
  • Keep bench tops clear of crumbs, food scraps and used dinner crockery
  • Keep pet food in sealed containers
  • do not leave dried biscuits in pet bowls. Clean out after your pet has finished a meal.

What Should I Do Next For Rodent Control?

Call the professionals at LessPest More Control for your Rodent Management Plan around your home. Our friendly staff will look after you.

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